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Important Things that You Have to Understand About the Federal Marijuana Law

There are various states in the country which are legalizing marijuana but you should know that the federal government is still not budging. These are among the things the you have to be aware about the federal marijuana. What you have to know is that the medical marijuana has been legalized in 21 states in the country. Also, recreational marijuana has become legal to use in 10 states and even Washington DC has actually legalized the use of weed recreationally. But what is this really? Though technically it is legal to consume cannabis in more than half of the nation but the federal law on marijuana is still not budging. Such is why you have to know more about rolling paper with marijuana.

Understand that your job can actually fire you with marijuana use. Getting that hard time to understand the federal law against marijuana? This actually includes the after-hours use of marijuana as well. Well, you should be worried when you actually get tested positive for cannabis. Despite such fact that rolling paper with marijuana has been legal to use for several years in Colorado, what you should remember is that the federal law disagrees. When this case would go to the federal court, the state of Colorado should still follow these rules.

Also, it is quite important to remember that you can be evicted for such use of marijuana. When you are living in such rental property, then you can definitely get evicted because of using marijuana. Such law also applies to those who are renting in states wherein marijuana is legal. This is due to the fact that cannabis is still not federally legal and your landlord may ban you for using such in their property. This is the reason why should have a good understanding and know more about rolling paper with marijuana. Those individuals who are living in Section 8 housing are also not allowed to use weed on the premises as well.

You have to know as well that the marijuana industry is facing higher taxes. Are you actually working in such marijuana industry? You perhaps know the International Revenue Code Section 280E which makes cannabis companies suffer the pain in paying taxes. According to the federal government, such weed businesses are not allowed to write off the regular business costs like company transportation, employee training as well as advertising and marketing. Because of such, the cannabis companies should deal with those federal tax rate of 60 to 90 percent.

There are other federal marijuana laws that you must be aware of and get to know more about rolling paper with marijuana. It would be great for you when you know the federal cannabis law.